Makro is working hard to deliver all its Black Friday orders, following a busy shopping period.

This follows Makro customers informing MyBroadband that the company had called them to state their Black Friday orders would be delivered and to arrange delivery dates and times.

A MyBroadband reader asked a Makro customer care employee why they were calling customers about undelivered orders, and the employee stated that Makro had received a large number of orders over the Black Friday period and wanted to keep clients in the loop.

Makro confirmed to MyBroadband that its Black 5 Day Sale 2018 exceeded expectations and it was very pleased with both online and in-store performance.

Order deliveries

When ordering an item during the Black 5 Day Sale, customers were informed that delivery will take between 7-to-10 working days.

“To date, we have fulfilled 87% of online purchases within the 7-to-10 working days period and we are working hard to complete the rest,” said Makro.

“We listened to our customers’ feedback from last year and placed a lot more focus on fulfilment.”

“Our processes were reviewed in preparation for the sale and we changed how we picked and packed Black 5 Day orders, including setting up two 24-hour facilities to work through the orders as quickly as possible.”

Makro did say, however, that in a “sale of this magnitude” there will be exceptions.

“Unfortunately, we oversold on three lines which has increased the time it will take to fulfil those orders,” said Makro.

“Affected customers have been contacted and we will ensure that we fulfil these orders before Christmas.”

The company said it would like to thank the thousands of shoppers who took part in the sale both at its stores and online.